Devena is 31 years of age and the daughter of senior Wik-Alkan artist Keith Wikmunea. She only started painting in 2021 after being inspired by her father to pick up the paint brush. Devena also walks in the footsteps of her late Grandfather, Gilbert Wikmunea, a respected Lore man and a well known bush artist. Devena has a keen interest in learning about her own culture and displays a wonderful willingness to teach the younger generation, including her son Neville.

Devina has the same totems as her father Keith; Kuung Kep (Two Moon Sisters), Theewith (White cockatoo), Korkumtahii (Big Lagoon Stroyplace) and the yellow bottlebrush.

Devena’s country is Kencherang (grand father’s side), a place a bit further north from Aurukun. There’s a large freshwater lagoon there. During the wet season the saltwater comes up the creek during the high tides.  Ti-tree is her Grandmothers Country. There is one large creek that comes into that Country which splits out intoTi-tree. When the freshwater breaks out in the wet season it joins with the creek at Kencherang and connects to the saltwater.  Devena belongs to the Apalech clan from her father’s side and Winchanam Clan from her Grandmother’s side.



2023 Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

2022 Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

2022 Brunswick Street Gallery – Aak Puul, Art from the Wik & Kugu Region

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