Flora is an Apelech Clan women who speaks Wik-Mungkan as her first language. She only came to painting in 2017 when she was represented at CIAF along with a small group of female Aurukun artists. Since then, her painting skills have matured into a style unlike anyone else in the community. Flora always depicts her Aak Puulwuy (Father’s Father’s Country) located on the Southern Wik Lands near Love River.



Group Exhibition: CIAF 2021

Group Exhibition: CIAF 2022

Group Exhibition: CIAF 2023

Aak Kenkanam: From the Beginning Exhibition, JGM Gallery, London, 2023

Exhibition History

2017 CIAF 2017 presents: Ngan Wanch Aurukunam Aak Puul Nganttam Yumpanan (We are Aurukun women making the stories of our Country), KickArts Contemporary, Cairns QLD