Bevan belongs to the Apalech ceremonial group from his father’s country at Warpang, just inland from Cape Keerweer. His language groups are Wik-Alkan (father’s side) and Wik-Ngathan (mother’s side).

Bevan has been working with the Wik & Kugu Arts for several years. His work is to be found in many collections across the country.

CLAN GROUP:                            Apalech(Mother)              Apalech (Father)

LANGUAGE GROUP:                  Wik Ngathan (Mother)      –                                             Wik Alkan (Father)

HOMELAND STATE:                   Cape Keer Weer (Mother –                                              Aayk, Kirke River (Father)

TOTEM:                                       Fresh water Shark; Night     Owl; Salmon (Mother)

Kangaroo (Father)




2023                Aak Keenkanam, From the Beginning Exhibition, JGM Gallery, London

2023               Aak Min! Exhibition, Vault Gallery, Aboriginal Art Co, Brisbane,

2022               “Yuk Wuy Min Ngantamp” – Northsite Gallery Cairns

2022               Sydney Modern Project, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Yirabana Gallery

2022 Cairns Indigenous Arts Fair (CIAF), Cairns

2022 “Aak Puul” – the Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne

2022 Sydney Modern Project, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Yirabana Gallery 2021 Cairns Indigenous Arts Fair ( CIAF)

2020 Cairns Indigenous Arts Fair ( CIAF)

2019 Cairns Indigenous Arts Fair ( CIAF)

2018 Cairns Indigenous Arts Fair ( CIAF)

2017 Cairns Indigenous Arts Fair ( CIAF)

2016  Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF), Cairns



2017  Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, Cairns Regional Gallery Award for Best Art Centre

Exhibition History

2018 Cairns Indigenous Arts Fair 2018, Cairns Cruise Terminal

2019 Wik and Kugu Art Centre represented by Black Square Arts, Sydney Contemporary, Carriageworks, Sydney NSW