Jean started to paint in 2010 and has since developed a fresh and distinctive style.  Her knowledge of Country inspires her to paint vibrant works that are in high demand across the Australia.  Jean is also an experimental ghostnet weaver and has created bold fibre sculptures and objects with a modern contemporary flare. Jean Walmbeng

DATE OF BIRTH:                     3rd February 1950

 CLAN GROUP:                                                  Apelech


LANGUAGE GROUP:                (Mother)        Wik Alkan

                                                   (Father)          Wik Alkan

HOMELAND STATE:                   

                                                   (Father)          Kencherang


                                                   (Father)          White Cockatoo





“When I was a little girl I used to be playing marbles. My friends we used to always sit in the circle. Used to sit together and play the marbles after that we had to chase one another. It was called “leewar” in english its “chasey”. I used to be drawing in the sand that’s my game I always did that. Now I can paint those pictures on the canvas.”

 Jean started to paint in 2010 and is developing a fresh and distinctive style.  Her keen sense and knowledge of her country inspire her vibrant paintings.  She also experimented with ghostnet and created bold fibre objects and sculptures.



 2012            – Cairns Indigenous art Fair 2012

                      –“The Long Tide, Contemporary Ghostnet Art”, Artisan, Fortitude

                            Valley, QLD


 2011              – Cairns Indigenous art Fair 2011

                      “Aurukun Artists”, Tjapingka gallery,Fremental, WA


2010–             – Cairns Indigenous Art Fair 2010

                      – “Aurukun Artists” Group Exhibition- Canopy, Cairns

                      – “Ach Umpan”, Aurukun Artists Group Exhibition- Andrew Baker.


                      – “Work in Progress”- Artworks from Creative Recovery Project,                             

                                    Tank Art Centre, Cairns

Exhibition History

2017 CIAF 2017 presents: Ngan Wanch Aurukunam Aak Puul Nganttam Yumpanan (We are Aurukun women making the stories of our Country), KickArts Contemporary, Cairns QLD